BAT LAB – Day 10 already! Where did that time go?

 Fun Fact: One of the bat species found in Ireland is the Daubenton’s Bat. It is sometimes called the ”water bat’ as it skims the water in search of prey. It also has the ability to swim if required.

Bat 3

Day 10 in the Bat Lab and today Olivia and I have a planning day. Our project is to build a resource for Transition Year students and teachers. As we sit and chat we are both bursting with enthusiasm and ideas. We have learned so much in our time here so far and really want to put a programme in place that will inspire the students to love learning.  As we continue to chat,  we realise that we have so many ideas, the problem will be cutting them down to a realistic 6 – week  TY module. We also discuss that for the most part, the students entering TY, will not have had much exposure to the field of genetics. So, with a starting point and a consolidated end point in mind we divide up the workload and begin researching. We are endeavouring to incorporate several areas of Biology into the programme, namely, Ecology, Evolution, Genetics, Cell Biology and Botany.

photo 5 mitochondrial photo French Irish Bats

Next week we are out on a field trip to see if we can find some bats. Will keep you posted. until then …





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