BAT LAB – Day 4

  FUN FACT – Bats can navigate in complete darkness using Echolocation. Day 4 in the Bat Lab and our challenge for the morning was to  carry out electrophoresis on our PCR samples that we prepared yesterday. Olivia and I prepared the gel, carefully loaded our precious samples and kept our fingers crossed that all would work!!

Prepared , ready to go.

Prepared gel , ready to go.

Using orange stain when preparing samples

Using 2ul of orange stain when preparing samples

Loading 8ul of sample.

Loading 8ul of sample.

Preparing samples for loading onto gel

Preparing samples for loading onto gel

photo 7 photo 6 photo 5 Loading samples onto gel. Care needs to be taken at this point to avoid puncturing the gel with the pipette tip. We used an orange stain for our samples. The well containing the blue stained sample is our control ladder to which we can compare our samples.

photo 8 photo 9Gel Electrophoresis  

Post Electrophoresis

Post Electrophoresis

During electrophoresis, the negatively charged DNA migrates towards the positive end of the gel with the smaller fragments moving faster and further than the larger ones.  The above picture shows what our gel looked like post electrophoresis. Because we had used a stain, we were able to visualise the bands in our DNA samples using a UV light. The resulting DNA barcode can bee seen below. photo 31 photo 30 We were delighted ( and very relieved) to know that our efforts were successful. We spent the afternoon preparing more samples for PCR and we  will run these samples in the morning.        


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